[mythtv-users] Multiple Video Storage Directories

Paul Wootton pwootton at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 21:11:41 UTC 2012

On 29 Nov 2012, at 20:57, Argus <pthorn-mythu at styx2002.no-ip.org> wrote:

> This one is puzzling me:
> I have a separated backend/frontend fixes/0.26. As per 
> the wiki recommendations, I've setup storage directories on only 
> the master backend. And for the most part, everything works fine;
> I can see and watch recordings like a champ without exporting any
> of the original recording directories. Pretty cool.
> So I have two configured video directories split across multiple drives
> both mounted on the master backend.
> Problem is, my separated frontend can only see the first one!
> Is there some magic configuration that I have to set to stream
> videos from multiple video directories? Is this a bug? Feature?
> Complete user misunderstanding?
> I see here:
>  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Video_Library
> That Storage Group implementation is not complete. Perhaps this
> behaviour falls into "not complete"?
> Worst case, I imagine that I can export the video directories via 
> nfs and mount them in a similar path on the frontend to make them 
> both visible to the frontend -- not optimal for a laptop. Or I 
> could combine the video directories under a single mount point 
> via sfs, lvm, or similar, to avoid the multiple storage directories, 
> which is probably the route I'll go if no other magic configuration 
> presents itself.
> Application of cluebat requested.
> Thanks,
> - Argus

I've been using multiple storage groups here since 0.24 with no problems, and I'm currently also on fixes/0.26.  Might be worth checking your storage group settings for any typos, either in mythtv-setup, or by running the command 

select * from storagegroup;

in mysql 

-- Paul --
Paul Wootton

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