[mythtv-users] Multiple Video Storage Directories

Argus pthorn-mythu at styx2002.no-ip.org
Thu Nov 29 20:57:37 UTC 2012

This one is puzzling me:

I have a separated backend/frontend fixes/0.26. As per 
the wiki recommendations, I've setup storage directories on only 
the master backend. And for the most part, everything works fine;
I can see and watch recordings like a champ without exporting any
of the original recording directories. Pretty cool.

So I have two configured video directories split across multiple drives
both mounted on the master backend.

Problem is, my separated frontend can only see the first one!

Is there some magic configuration that I have to set to stream
videos from multiple video directories? Is this a bug? Feature?
Complete user misunderstanding?

I see here:

That Storage Group implementation is not complete. Perhaps this
behaviour falls into "not complete"?

Worst case, I imagine that I can export the video directories via 
nfs and mount them in a similar path on the frontend to make them 
both visible to the frontend -- not optimal for a laptop. Or I 
could combine the video directories under a single mount point 
via sfs, lvm, or similar, to avoid the multiple storage directories, 
which is probably the route I'll go if no other magic configuration 
presents itself.

Application of cluebat requested.

- Argus

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