[mythtv-users] Announcement: Lossless Cut is now out of Beta as of the v0.2.0 release

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Mon Nov 26 22:03:20 UTC 2012

Lossless Cut scripts, as of the v0.2.0 release, has moved out of Beta 
and into a support release.  No new features are anticipated at this time.

Support release update (Mon, 26 Nov 2012 16:09):
Bug Fix:
* Acquire the recording's fps, height, width from mediainfo rather than 
the recorded markup table. This is because those records are not created 
by MythTV when a scheduled recording occurs when a user is watching LiveTV.

* Added a new configuration section "error_detection" which allows a 
user to specify bash commands that are run against the log before 
processing is completed. This feature is primarily used to detect video 
file corruption and prevent deletion/replacement of a recording.
     Added the command line -j option for inclusion of the JobID 
"%JOBID%" variable passed by MythTV. This is a required parameter if the 
new configuration "error_detection" variables are used.

* Remove all commented out code in anticipation that this release will 
be the end of the beta and a move to maintenance only mode.

NOTE: Ubuntu 11.04 Natty users, it appears that Launchpad will no longer 
allow creating debs for your installed Ubuntu version. This should not 
be a problem as you can download any of the any of latest debs and 
install it via the command line. The package dependencies have not 
changed at all or is there any 32bit or 64bit dependencies:

sudo dpkg -i "/path to downloaded deb/losslesscut.deb"

If you have problems with Lossless Cut please see Bug Reporting for an 
easy way to provide the developer with a bug report and if required a 
video sample file

See the Lossless Cut wiki page for full details:

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