[mythtv-users] Record sound using a BT848 card

Joe Henley joehenley at kc.rr.com
Mon Nov 26 17:33:23 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to record the audio  to go with the video recorded from a 
BT-848 card  (old Hauppauge WinTV Go).  I'm running MythTV ver 0.25.2 on 
Fedora 16.  The sound card is an old Turtle Beach Riviera.

All the bits work individually.  There are no error messages in syslog.  
But unfortunately, there is no sound from the recording during playback.

I have the audio out connector on the BT-848 card bracket patched to the 
line-in connector on the sound card bracket.  I also have the aux output 
on the internal connector of the BT848 connected to the aux input on the 
internal connector on the sound card (... belt and suspenders).  I hear 
sound on live tv and I hear sound playing back recordings made from an 
HD-PVR.  So, I'm pretty sure the issue is only grabbing the audio when 
recording for the BT848 card.

The settings on the BE, via mythtv-setup, for the "Capture card" section 
is "none".  Oddly enough, setting this instead to "ALSA:default" doesn't 
help.  The settings for the "Recording Profiles" section is 
"Codec=Uncompressed" and "Sample rate=48000".  The setting for the audio 
output device on the FE is "ALSA:default:CARD=CMI8738" (the CMI8738 is 
correct for the Riviera card).

Any thoughts, suggestions, solutions, etc. are appreciated.  Thanks!

Joe Henley

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