[mythtv-users] Endless log entries

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 20 15:20:20 UTC 2012

On 11/20/2012 07:33 AM, Mike Perkins wrote:
> On 20/11/12 07:14, troy wrote:
>> After upgrading from mythbuntu 10.10, to 12.04 and doing all the 
>> updates my
>> myth primary backend has been not stable. The latest thing to pop up 
>> is an
>> endless list of log entries with the following:
>> AutoExpire: CalcParams(): Max required Free Space: 34359738369.0 GB 
>> w/freq:
>> 3 min
>> Any idea what this is? That is a large amount of disk space that is far
>> above my 40TB of storage I have.
> That almost certainly has to be integer overflow, probably caused by 
> the 40TB total storage you have. I can't do the math but I presume it 
> is some kind of mis-displayed negative figure.
> I can't help thinking that isn't going to do the calculations that 
> accurately, either. I would be wary, perhaps it might start deleting 
> things off when it thinks you have more space than you actually have 
> but can't find somewhere to put the recording?

You need to make sure you're on current -fixes.  That's something that 
requires your enabling, AIUI.


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