[mythtv-users] HTML5 video streaming in MythWeb

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Mon Nov 19 00:42:35 UTC 2012

Filling out Nick's response a bit more:

On 2012-11-18, at 5:44 AM, Dom H wrote:

> Is any work currently being done on implementing this, is it far off? I'm keen to use a purely web based frontend to myth on a variety of devices.

I'm not the guy who works on mythweb but from following this list I  believe it is being extended to play the http live streaming (HLS) streams that the backend supports. No ETA that I know of.

If any of your devices is an ipad or a mac then mythexpress (which I wrote) should be useful for you. It's web based and pretty snappy. All your recordings and videos are presented in a gallery view and you can HLS stream them, play them directly (assuming your device supports the media's format), or send them to a regular myth frontend. The announcement, and the project readme, imply that it works with any browser but based on reports it seems like it's happiest on ios/osx and hit or miss elsewhere. I'll tighten up the readme at some point.

For android devices you might also look at the MythTV for Android client at https://github.com/MythTV-Clients/ which uses the same HLS video transcoding / streaming mechanism. My take is HLS support on android is spotty so depending on o/s version it may be built in or require a player to be installed or be simply impossible. Look for "Daniel Frey" in the archives for the best info as he's the point man for the android frontend.

> Is the aim to transcode on the fly or will a regular transcode job need to be set up in myth to transcode to html5 compatible formats after each recording?

As of now you can start HLS transcode jobs at any time and watch them as they proceed however there's poor support for moving within the stream until the transcode job has completed 100%. In the not too distant future the mechanism will be replaced with one that transcodes segments as a browser requests them. This means that you'll be able to start watching a stream at, say, program midpoint and myth will only transcode from that time on. Look for "Chris Pinkham" in the archives for details. It's going to be pretty cool when it arrives.

- George

P.S. "The Archives" are at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/

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