[mythtv-users] OK, how is the general perception of 0.26? Anyone running it with a PVR-350 or similar

Larry Roberts mythtv at american-hero.com
Sun Nov 18 14:30:54 UTC 2012


I'm being bit by the ivtv/0.25.3 race condition bug that causes the ivtv 
driver to unload.  I'm considering upgrading to 0.26 but I wanted to see 
what the general perception of 0.26 is.

I use mythtv with only most basic features.  I  have a dedicated 
mythbackend that schedules and records.  My kids use mythweb to watch 
the videos they want and I use the mythlink contributor script to export 
links to the recordings in a more human feedback.

Thats really it.  I have a PVR-350 for recording and I'm controlling a 
comcast DTA box.  The only "extra" stuff I had to do was unload the 
standard lirc and load the KMDL version.

I suspect that I'm being a bit paranoid and that its quite stable, 
especially for what I want to do but I thought I would ask first.  I 
just upgraded from 0.24 less than a month ago because of a rebuild of 
the box and I'm only looking now because of the recording bug I'm hitting.

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