[mythtv-users] channel group ordering?

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Fri Nov 16 07:11:56 UTC 2012

Richard wrote:

> On 13/11/12 20:57, Per Jessen wrote:
>> when I scan only a couple of satellites (Astra1+2, Hotbird) I end up
>> with a good few hundred unencrypted channels from many countries.
>> Because the EPG becomes unuseable with that many channels, I create a
>> couple of channel groups - English, German+Austrian and Swiss TV. 
>> The English group I'd like to order BBC1-4, ITV-1.4, interspersed
>> with the +1 channels, then probably followed by the rest in some sort
>> of logical order. Something similar for the German, the Swiss I would
>> like to organize by area+language.
>> I've spotted some postings where people achieve this by altering
>> the "channels" table, but as I anticipate clients with different
>> preferences, I was hoping to make this client specific.
> Hi Per,
> It may not be exactly what you need but it sounds like you're leaving
> all the discovered channels visible.
> Have you seen:
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/UK_Channel_Assignments

Hi Richard

yes, that was one of my first stops, I think. 

> This particular page is specific to the UK but the principle is the
> same wherever you are.  Write/adapt a custom SQL script that you can
> run after performing a channel scan.
> You'd usually start by making all channels invisible and then only
> making the channels you're actually interested in visible.  You also
> assign each channel a specific number rather than relying on the
> generated one.  This also immediately gives you control over the order
> of the channels, albeit globally.

Okay, that was my understanding too.  It is the "globally" I was having
a little issue with.  I'll get over it :-)

> After that, you can create channel groups as you wish.  The groups are
> global rather than per frontend but you can create as many groups as
> you want (although cycling through them might start to get tedious).
> Would that not get you closer to your goal?

Yes, thanks, that is most probably what I'll end up doing.  I still
think it would be a Good Thing(r) for each frontend to have it's own
ordering, but given the response to my question here, I guess it's not
really an issue to most people.

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