[mythtv-users] channel group ordering?

Richard peper03 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 22:35:33 UTC 2012

On 13/11/12 20:57, Per Jessen wrote:
> when I scan only a couple of satellites (Astra1+2, Hotbird) I end up
> with a good few hundred unencrypted channels from many countries.
> Because the EPG becomes unuseable with that many channels, I create a
> couple of channel groups - English, German+Austrian and Swiss TV.  The
> English group I'd like to order BBC1-4, ITV-1.4, interspersed with the
> +1 channels, then probably followed by the rest in some sort of logical
> order. Something similar for the German, the Swiss I would like to
> organize by area+language.
> I've spotted some postings where people achieve this by altering
> the "channels" table, but as I anticipate clients with different
> preferences, I was hoping to make this client specific.

Hi Per,

It may not be exactly what you need but it sounds like you're leaving 
all the discovered channels visible.

Have you seen:


This particular page is specific to the UK but the principle is the same 
wherever you are.  Write/adapt a custom SQL script that you can run 
after performing a channel scan.

You'd usually start by making all channels invisible and then only 
making the channels you're actually interested in visible.  You also 
assign each channel a specific number rather than relying on the 
generated one.  This also immediately gives you control over the order 
of the channels, albeit globally.

It probably makes sense to assign ranges to each group of languages. 
Say, German+Austrian 1-50, Swiss 50-99, English 100-150.

After that, you can create channel groups as you wish.  The groups are 
global rather than per frontend but you can create as many groups as you 
want (although cycling through them might start to get tedious).

Would that not get you closer to your goal?


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