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On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 5:10 PM, john <newsgrp1 at bestpond.com> wrote:

> On 14/11/12 00:29, Ken Mandelberg wrote:
>> Has anyone got mythtv to work with Samsung Allshare, the built in DLNA
>> client on Samsung TV's? My TV see's the mythtv server but then bombs after
>> I select it.
See the page here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Category:UPnP_Clients and
feel free to update with new info.

>>  I recently bought a Samsung 32" TV (Model UA32ES5500MYXY Series 5) for
> the bedroom I have it wall mounted and it is connected to my lan via
> ethernet ( I wasn't prepared to fiddle with another wireless point). I
> eventually got the network running. It got as far as seeing the mythtv
> backend which runs upnp, and tries to connect, then bombs...as you say.
> I tried setting up minidlna which is recommended by a lot of people, and
> managed to connect OK.  But no myth menus or nice program names! I simply
> had a list of files, so if I proceeded it was pot luck what was going to be
> seen, especially as I have several hundred recordings across two backends
> and the main frontend in the lounge room.
As you mention later in the email the 'pretty names' can be achieved by
running mythlink to generate the folders and names, all organized the way
you like them.  You can use a folder like ~/miniDLNA/ as the base path for
mythlink and share that base path with the miniDLNA.conf file.  I've even
seen a email here by someone that was runnnig mythlink multiple times to
create a different (parrallel) structure for different ways of organizing
recordings.  The names are populated by any of the --format options listed
on the wiki page (paseted in below for reference) and you can use path
seperators, '/' in linux, to create folders.

> I set about attempting to get the program names showing, and used the
> mythlink script. I just used a suggested set of options I found on this
> list (I think) which put the series title first and then ordered the
> episodes. That seemed to work at first, but then while I had a list of all
> the titles as I went to select the episode, in the majority of cases it
> listed the file name date & time only, with the occasional one having an
> episode title.

If you post the format that you specified we may can help.  If some of the
recordings show a title, but others don't then that probably indicates that
you have missing titles in the metadata.

> Next discovery was as I scrolled (or tapped down the list) I found that
> after the titles with "Z" I still had showing a huge list of the files
> names again. Probably from the earlier attempt. So I have to sort out how
> to get rid of those files appearing. I have since discovered that the fast
> forward, and rewind buttons on my Samsung remote will do page up & page
> down through the title listing, so I don't have to click down line by line.

Sounds like either you have run mythlink multiple times with a different
destination directory, or you have miniDLNA serving up two different
folders. I've had great success with miniDLNA and mythlink and would be
glad to help.

> I had also read of serviio, which seemed a bit more complex than minidlna,
> so am still considering if it is worth a try.
> To get the TV working  to stream MythTV with AllShare, it seems that you
> need to use a separate dlna server, and then the mythlink script, I am yet
> to discover the magic of getting that right to display Series Title, then
> episode title, also I couldn't seem to get any program information either.
I also do not know how to get the miniDLNA server to share out any
metadata.  Since the myth's metadata is in the database, you would have to
extract that information somehow, and associate it with the recording.
 mythlink will embed info in the filename, but I don't know how one would
send the metadata otherwise.

> I do not have the dlna server working as well as I would like, and perhaps
> I should try serviio instead of minidlna.
Well, I don't know about serviio, but the best option is 1) mythFronted, 2)
frontend client that recoginizes myth backend, 3) mythlink and a separate
dlna server.  If you want help with miniDLNA and mythlink, then post back
with more info.  I would suggest as a separate thread

> Unfortunately, from what I have seen there may also be a bit of variation
> with AllShare depending on the TV model or series.
> I am fully aware that to get this working "perfectly" i just need to add a
> frontend, but in my case that is not presently possible. So it would be
> helpfull to hear from others who have got the upnp/dlna solution working
> well with a separate dlna server and perhaps some additional ideas on using
> mythlink or other scripts to give a reasonable menu type display of
> recording/music/video choices.
> Examples

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%T/%T%-%S'

creates links using the format [title]/[title]-[subtitle]

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%Y%m%d-%H%i-%eH%ei-%T-%S'

creates links using the format

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%T/%Y%m%d-%H%i-%eH%ei-%S'

creates links using the format

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%U-%T-%Y%m%d-%H%i-%eH%ei-%S'

creates links using the format

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%C-%T-%Y%m%d-%H%i-%eH%ei-%S'

creates links using the format

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%T-%oY%om%od-%S'

creates links using the format [title]-[original airdate]-[subtitle]

The above was pasted in from the wiki page:
As I said above, you can also a the / in your --format string to create a
folder structure.

mythlink.pl --link /mnt/pretty --format '%U/%T/%T-%oY%om%od-%S'

This should give you the format:
/mnt/pretty/[your recording group]/[program title]/[Program
title]-[Original Airdate]-[subtitle]

> Regards,
> John
> Good luck.

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