[mythtv-users] setting tuner priority to -1 completely disables it

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Thu Nov 15 18:23:35 UTC 2012

Using 0.25-fixes...

I have 4 tuners, 2 digital (clearqam) and 2 analog where one of the
analogs is on analog cable directly and the other is connected to a DTA
(i.e. digital set top box).

I have added the tuners in the order that I want to utilize them which
is D1, D2, AD and AA representing the two digital clearqam tuners, the
one that records from the DTA and the pure analog one.

The AD and AA tuners have most of the same channels which is a super-set
of the channels on the D1 and D2 tuners.  The following concerns
programming only available on the AD and AA tuners so you can probably
disregard the D{1,2} tuners for the remainder of this report...

I have been finding situations in the scheduling where the AA tuner is
getting scheduled for a program that is available (only) on the AA and
AD tuners but when the AD tuner is available (typically it seems to have
been used in the prior timeslot when this happens).  This is contrary to
what I have read here many times over in that tuners are chosen in the
order they were added.

So to try to force the use of the AD tuner whenever it's available, I
set the Input priority of the AA tuner to -1 hoping to force it to be
selected less.

That seems to have resulted in the AA tuner *never* being used, even
when there is a conflict on the AD tuner (for a program that is only
available to the AA and AD tuners, of course).

I've put the priority back to 0 and now both AD and AA are being used
but again, AA is being chosen in priority over AD at times when AD is
idle, but might have just had something scheduled on it in the previous
timeslot.  IOW, the scheduler seems to be trying to avoid back-to-back
recordings on a single tuner.

How do I resolve this?


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