[mythtv-users] long-missing recordings still marked deleted

Martin Moores moores.martin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 07:21:21 UTC 2012

On 14 November 2012 02:41, Josh Rosenberg <mythtv at desh.info> wrote:

> Months ago, I ruined my mythtv setup.  Still had some or all of my
> configs, and had a database backup, but lost all actual recording
> videos.  Made mistakes, live and learn, etc.
> So I restored the database backup (in order to get my preferences
> back, if not the videos), and when mythfrontend predictably told me
> that all of my recordings had files that could not be found, I went
> through and deleted all of them.  (Sob.)
> Well, now they're still around in some sense, telling something that
> they're deleted.  I don't see them anywhere in the "view recordings"
> menu, or anywhere else I can find on the frontend, but mythweb is
> telling me things like this:  (Note that my videos live on a single
> partition that's just under 2TB, which is now mostly full with new
> recordings.)
>     Total Space: 1,812,934 MB [correct]
>     Space Used: 1,787,865 MB [also correct]
>     Space Free: 25,068 MB [sure]
>     Space Available After Auto-expire: 3,221,563 MB [huh?]
>         Space Used by LiveTV: 27,856 MB [sounds right...]
>         Space Used by Deleted Recordings: 1,683,820 MB [definitely not!]
>         Space Used by Auto-expirable Recordings: 1,484,819 MB [yeah,
> ok, that sounds right too]
> That's clearly not right; there's something, somewhere, that still has
> a list of all 1.5 TB or so recordings from my old setup and considers
> them deleted files.  I'd like to clear out that list.  Any suggestions
> on how to do this?  Thanks in advance for the help!
> Running a single combined FE/BE, 0.25, via mythbuntu 12.04.
> Josh
> Sounds like you need to run the "find orphans" script.

This helps find database entries that have no recording file and recording
files that have no database entries:


You get a summary of what it finds before it takes any action, make sure
you check it through first and a database backup beforehand wouldn't do any

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