[mythtv-users] long-missing recordings still marked deleted

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Wed Nov 14 02:41:14 UTC 2012

Months ago, I ruined my mythtv setup.  Still had some or all of my
configs, and had a database backup, but lost all actual recording
videos.  Made mistakes, live and learn, etc.

So I restored the database backup (in order to get my preferences
back, if not the videos), and when mythfrontend predictably told me
that all of my recordings had files that could not be found, I went
through and deleted all of them.  (Sob.)

Well, now they're still around in some sense, telling something that
they're deleted.  I don't see them anywhere in the "view recordings"
menu, or anywhere else I can find on the frontend, but mythweb is
telling me things like this:  (Note that my videos live on a single
partition that's just under 2TB, which is now mostly full with new

    Total Space: 1,812,934 MB [correct]
    Space Used: 1,787,865 MB [also correct]
    Space Free: 25,068 MB [sure]
    Space Available After Auto-expire: 3,221,563 MB [huh?]
        Space Used by LiveTV: 27,856 MB [sounds right...]
        Space Used by Deleted Recordings: 1,683,820 MB [definitely not!]
        Space Used by Auto-expirable Recordings: 1,484,819 MB [yeah,
ok, that sounds right too]

That's clearly not right; there's something, somewhere, that still has
a list of all 1.5 TB or so recordings from my old setup and considers
them deleted files.  I'd like to clear out that list.  Any suggestions
on how to do this?  Thanks in advance for the help!

Running a single combined FE/BE, 0.25, via mythbuntu 12.04.


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