[mythtv-users] Power Search - People search - anyone?

Ole Nissen mail at olenissen.com
Mon Nov 12 07:11:47 UTC 2012


I want to be able to do a power search and record all movies when one or
more actors are on the role list. I have followed the guide on the wiki:
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Custom_Recording: People Search replacement: An
Advanced Custom Recording Example

In mythweb->Custom->Power Search->Additional tables, I put the string:
 "JOIN credits AS c ON c.chanid=program.chanid AND
c.starttime=program.starttime JOIN people AS p ON p.person=c.person"

And in the search part:
"p.name = 'Bruce Willis'

When I submit this, an error is thrown, caused by an invalid "," that is
put before the Join statement. This has to be an error in the mythweb
script. So I tried to do the same from the frontend. Here it is possible to
put in the join statement, but it still doesn't find any recordings.

Does anyone have a working rule to spare?
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