[mythtv-users] livetv not working when streaming and not usable when using file access

Rob Verduijn rob.verduijn at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 19:25:30 UTC 2012


Livetv stopped working for me when streaming it from my backend to my frontend.

I double checked to see if my db cleanup scripts were still doing
their jobs. (the ones that came with mythtv), and if there was network
congestion or anything other network related mess.
Alas none of the above.

I've tried mounting the livetv folder on the client (in the same
location as the server) to see if that helps, but it imrpoved only
marginally. (writeable for the backend readable for the frontend)

I get to watch the default startup channel when I use the mounted
livetv folder via nfs, switching channels however results in the error
"Video frame buffering failed to many times."

I've got plenty cpu and mem in the backend (8-core 3ghz fx8120 with
16Gb) , the harddrive is average in performance.

For the front end I used my main machine for testing with the same
proc and ram, which has a fat videocard (gtx670) , so that should not
be a problem either.

They are both wired together via a 1gb ethernet switch.

So I doubt it's a hardware performance thingy.

I think the capture cards are ok as well since I can watch recorded shows.

It's only an issue with live-tv.

Another issue I've recently experienced, when watching videos using
vdpau-high as playback the screen blackens when doing a pause/unpause.
The audio continues but the screen stays black.
The livetv problem occurs also when using non-vdpau playback
(opengl-high or high...pick any)

Anybody who's got any ideas ?

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