[mythtv-users] Stuttering in DVD menus

Kenneth Emerson kenneth.emerson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 15:14:55 UTC 2012

> I'm also surprised that almost no-one else seems to have this problem.
Are Neil and I the only people trying to watch DVDs with an NVidia card?  I
realise that it's a combination of a couple of things but nothing that's
out of the ordinary (or maybe it is?).
> Richard.

I don't think you're alone. I used to store my DVDs as ISOs but found
playing them problematic as you describe. I gave up and re-ripped them
pulling out only the main feature. This made the family much happier. I'm
just happy that we can watch a movie or two without having to search
through a stack if discs.

-- Ken E.
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