[mythtv-users] TV Tuner for mom's computer

Mark Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Fri Nov 9 11:03:49 UTC 2012

>  Thanks for the 2 messages, and yes, it looks like you are right. She wants
> a new HD-TV and would like to watch TV on her Mageia box. I am not sure if
> this makes a difference. I would imagine that she will want a HD set top
> box and if possible on her monitor. She is not really worried about
> watching a different channel on both as she would only watch one programme
> at a time. I don't believe that she is interested in doing any PVR, nor
> would she have the patience to set up a schedule for recording.
>  I put in a PowerView analog tvcard in her computer
> [http://www.factorydirect.ca/Product.aspx?sku=PO0010]. Would just getting
> a HD HomeRun simplify everything? Would she still need an IR Blaster with
> this? And it looks like if she goes digital-HD she would need, like you
> suggested, the Eastlink DCX700.
>  This would still leave me the option of installing MythTV on her desktop
> and recording programmes (I would increase her hardrive to 1TB). She is
> actually not bad at working Mageia.
>  Marc

Oops, I forgot to mention that she would need to use an IR blaster with the 


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