[mythtv-users] TV Tuner for mom's computer

Mark Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Fri Nov 9 11:01:39 UTC 2012

>  Thanks for the 2 messages, and yes, it looks like you are right. She wants
> a new HD-TV and would like to watch TV on her Mageia box. I am not sure if
> this makes a difference. I would imagine that she will want a HD set top
> box and if possible on her monitor. She is not really worried about
> watching a different channel on both as she would only watch one programme
> at a time. I don't believe that she is interested in doing any PVR, nor
> would she have the patience to set up a schedule for recording.
>  I put in a PowerView analog tvcard in her computer
> [http://www.factorydirect.ca/Product.aspx?sku=PO0010]. Would just getting
> a HD HomeRun simplify everything? Would she still need an IR Blaster with
> this? And it looks like if she goes digital-HD she would need, like you
> suggested, the Eastlink DCX700.
>  This would still leave me the option of installing MythTV on her desktop
> and recording programmes (I would increase her hardrive to 1TB). She is
> actually not bad at working Mageia.
>  Marc

The HD Homerun isn't going to be useful for you at all with Eastlink.  It 
requires clear QAM (unencrypted) digital cable.  Eastlink encrypts everything 
except free previews.  So if you buy an HDHR the only channels that you will 
be able to tune in to are whatever is available in digital OTA in Sudbury.  I 
just checked TV Fool and you would get one channel -- Global.

If you want to record HD with encrypted digital cable in Canada, your only 
option is something like the HD-PVR which can deal take component video and 
encode it in to something a computer can deal with.  Cablecard tuners don't 
work in Canada either.


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