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Raymond Boettcher raymondboettcher at yahoo.com
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Okay, looking at the control protocol from source really makes me a little disappointed about the mythmote program from Android Market.  The protocol is MUCH more elaborate than that program makes you believe.  I would have created a volume slider for the volume itself and added much more options than whats in mythmote from Android Market.  I haven't published an Android App yet but I'm pretty good at programming.  You may have just given me a good idea for my next project.

Hey, not to crash your Network Controller Protocol or anything but wouldn't it be easier to add status codes like "404 Command Not Found" or "200 OK."  That makes the protocol a little more universal if the numbers relate to a type of error since the text for the error could change.  Although, I did see that you at least report "ERROR:" which makes a good matching ground for now.  Just an idea.  I like the concept of a universal bi-directional controller.  Should implement a "Status" query as well to let the "controller" know what its currently doing (Playing Music, Watching Videos/Recordings, Menu, Web, etc) so the proper controls can be presented depending on what screen you are currently at.  You should also allow Position Mouse Commands along with Press Left/Middle/Right Button.  A simple box could be drawn on the Android Phone to allow users to use the phone itself as a sort of "Touch Pad" while surfing the web, etc.  Just ideas...

Raymond Boettcher

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> You could drop a wireshark in the middle and learn to sequences to send
> for each of the buttons and then write your own.

Or you could just read the wiki...


Or go straight to the code itself...


Reverse engineering something using a network sniffer should be reserved as a last resort.
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