[mythtv-users] metadatalookup -- not searching tvdb after post processing RECORDED

John reidjr at lineone.net
Wed Nov 7 20:40:54 UTC 2012

On 03/11/12 19:10, Karl Dietz wrote:
>>> FixCategory is a generic bandaid for fixing stuff that we should not
>>> break in the first place. This fixup was added before I made up my mind
>>> wrt "there is no movie/series indicator in plain old EIT".
>>> If its (almost) always the case that "Film - *" is a series and "Film"
>>> is a movie you can just put that rule into FixNL. Only one false
>>> positive is way better then going by some random cutoff duration.
>>>> However the EITFixUp::FixCategory does not seem to be being called, I
>>>> assume it is called from somewhere else, but its not within
>>>> eitfixup/eithelper. Any pointers ?
>>> its only called in EITFixup for finnish stations and german RTL.
> And I'd rather invest energy into dumping FixCategory then enabling it
> for CanalDigitaal ;)
>> Got this as well , I added it in to my hack, but also added in a hard
>> rewrite: probably overkill to have both.
>> // Film - categories are usually not Films
>> if (event.category.startsWith("Film -"))
>> {
>> event.categoryType = kCategoryNone;
>> }
> I'd try to set type to "series" whenever possible. E.g. when scraping
> the episode title or fixing the genre. As the Movie/Drama stuff can only
> be "series" once we rule out "movie" (its no live "sports" transmission
> and no one off "tvshow") I'd put that in instead of kCategoryNone.
> I'm coming to that conclusion as series is everything that has
> episodes, e.g. daily news. (I can't find a proper explanation on when to
> use which category_type atm, looking around tvshow might be for
> talkshows, very strange. We should add a short explanation in the
> documentation of the enum MythCategoryType)
>> I got to what I think is a working patch, but it needs some time to bed
>> in . If it works over a week or so, and more importantly "Does No Harm"
>> then is the best approach to open an enhancement (with patch) ticket ?
> yes
> Regards,
> Karl
Tested and tidied. Seems to do all I wanted so opened -


best regards

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