[mythtv-users] metadatalookup -- not searching tvdb after post processing RECORDED

Karl Dietz dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org
Sat Nov 3 19:10:13 UTC 2012

>> FixCategory is a generic bandaid for fixing stuff that we should not
>> break in the first place. This fixup was added before I made up my mind
>> wrt "there is no movie/series indicator in plain old EIT".
>> If its (almost) always the case that "Film - *" is a series and "Film"
>> is a movie you can just put that rule into FixNL. Only one false
>> positive is way better then going by some random cutoff duration.
>>> However the EITFixUp::FixCategory does not seem to be being called, I
>>> assume it is called from somewhere else, but its not within
>>> eitfixup/eithelper. Any pointers ?
>> its only called in EITFixup for finnish stations and german RTL.

And I'd rather invest energy into dumping FixCategory then enabling it
for CanalDigitaal ;)

> Got this as well , I added it in to my hack, but also added in a hard
> rewrite: probably overkill to have both.
> // Film - categories are usually not Films
> if (event.category.startsWith("Film -"))
> {
> event.categoryType = kCategoryNone;
> }

I'd try to set type to "series" whenever possible. E.g. when scraping
the episode title or fixing the genre. As the Movie/Drama stuff can only
be "series" once we rule out "movie" (its no live "sports" transmission
and no one off "tvshow") I'd put that in instead of kCategoryNone.

I'm coming to that conclusion as series is everything that has
episodes, e.g. daily news. (I can't find a proper explanation on when to
use which category_type atm, looking around tvshow might be for
talkshows, very strange. We should add a short explanation in the
documentation of the enum MythCategoryType)

> I got to what I think is a working patch, but it needs some time to bed
> in . If it works over a week or so, and more importantly "Does No Harm"
> then is the best approach to open an enhancement (with patch) ticket ?



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