[mythtv-users] MythMusic - Is there a simple way to just tell it to play an album?

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Sat Nov 3 17:08:50 UTC 2012

On 02/11/12 22:58, Scott Harris wrote:
>> Ha Ha. I said sensible idea :) You can browse the directory tree and add
> the tracks below the current node/directory to the active playlist, that was
> one of >the concessions added to keep the peace. Little good it did me :(.
> That's something probably only available in 0.26 though
> I hadn't found that in 0.26, but now that you mentioned it, it is working
> well.  Really, the only things missing to me (and I was one of the biggest
> "anti MythTV 0.25 playlist focused" people out there) is
> 1. Music should remember you last view when entering it.  i.e. if I exited
> music viewing the gallery view, it should open to the gallery view when I go
> back into it.

I've got deja-vu all over again I'm sure I've answered this before. 
There is actually two menu items one to show the current playlist view 
and one to show the playlist editor view. On the classic menu layout 
they are next to each other, some of the other menu layouts put them on 
different sub menus for reasons only known to the menu layout creators. 
That's actually out of MythMusics control.

It would be easy to create a third menu item with a new menu type and 
update the MythMusic menu callback function to handle the new menu type 
to do what you want, or maybe it would be better to do it using a new 
jump point either way it shouldn't take more that 15 or 20 minutes to do 
but I really don't see the need for it.

> 2. Everything (playlist edits, current view, etc) should be saved when you
> exit Music, not when you ("gracefully", which most people with button
> scripts don't) exit MythTV as a whole.  Very frustrating to do a bunch of
> stuff, shutdown your system for the night (using the MYTHTV exit > yes, exit
> and shutdown, not some "ad-hoc" method) only to find that it's all gone.

Yes I noticed this problem myself when I set up a new FE for my parents. 
This should really be fixed in the shutdown code so it always cleanly 
shuts the FE down but that is going to open up a whole can of worms so 
best to stay clear.

No one seems to remember why MythMusic has always saved things like the 
playlists, ratings, play count etc when exiting the FE and not earlier. 
I did change some things to be saved earlier like the tracks stats are 
now saved to the DB as soon as they change. Many settings are live 
settings that get saved as soon as they change as well like the shuffle 
mode for example. There is no reason why other things like the playlists 
can't be saved earlier as well.

Paul H.

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