[mythtv-users] Schedule Display corrupted when starting live TV on Mac

jrh jharbestonus at gmail.com
Tue May 15 00:57:32 UTC 2012


As indicated in my story, I have problems when enabling the TV schedule appear before entering live tv. The PIP will open at the top right and it will begin drawing the schedule, but will get messed up leaving the text fields blank. Navigation in the guide will also not work.

As a work around, I have turned off the TV schedule display prior to starting live TV. Note that when in live tv mode, and asking for the schedule to display while live tv is on does work correctly.

This happens on a mac mini 2010 with the nvidia video card, as well as a 2006 mac mini core duo with intel graphics, and also a 2011 imac 27" with amd radeon 6770.


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