[mythtv-users] Back-end Virtualization

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri May 11 16:33:45 UTC 2012

Raymond Wagner wrote:

>And that's it.  Those are the two good reasons to run virtual 
>machines in a production environment.

Err, no - that is your opinion of the only 2 good reasons.

I have a third - to allow me to run different systems, with different 
kernels (perhaps because I've got some older stuff I haven't got 
around to upgrading yet), and I want to be able to upgrade one system 
without affecting another. Not a security thing, but a convenience 

And a fourth reason ...
For my knowledge base, I can fire up a new VM to experiment quite 
easily. I'd need to go learning yet more new stuff to figure out how 
to setup another chroot jail or whatever *properly*.

So I have two reasons for using virtualisation at home, both are 
valid, both make sense for me.

And in any case, whatever you or I may think, how someone wants to 
run their systems is up to them - not us. This isn't a closed course 
world where the vendor tells you what you are and aren't allowed to 
By all means point out that running a virtualised backend is 
suboptimal, and what the potential issues might be. But don't go 
saying it's "wrong" - it's not "wrong", just not how you'd do it.

Simon Hobson

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