[mythtv-users] 0.25 - livetv fails when starting on a specificchannel

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Tue Mar 20 18:19:45 UTC 2012

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>
> Well, if not having the file system mounted (such that the backend
> streams the recording) causes recordings from the channel to fail, we
> really need to fix that.
> And, if not having actimeo=0 was preventing the ringbuffer from reading
> too close to the end of the recording, that would imply that reading the
> files locally would also read too close to the end of the file--meaning
> that needs fixing.
> Both issues sound like they could be related to either a low bitrate
> channel (like Daniel mentioned), or even a misconfiguration of your
> backend (i.e. have you set any "non-standard" options to change the HD
> ring buffer size or vdpaubuffersize or ...).

I don't believe it's a low bitrate. I took a quick look at one of the
files in VLC and I think it said about 12 Mbps. I can double check but
I doubt that's it. WOW is actually pretty good about not
overcompressing things, and they've only got 2 channels (including
this one) on that multiplex. Plus, I don't seem to have any problems
with my SD channels, which are definitely much lower bitrates (with 6
or 7 channels to a multiplex)

I'm definitely not using any custom vdpau settings (just the VDPAU
normal profile). As far as the backend settings, I don't think I've
done anything odd, but this is a system that's been upgraded several
times, so who knows what config I might have set in the last 5 years.
I think the best bet will be for me to stop everything, setup a clean
alternate database (ex: mythconverg_test), point it to that, and see
what I get with that. It will probably be a few days before I get a
chance to do this.

Ron Frazier

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