[mythtv-users] Which nVidia card?

Petteri pjokinen at lavabit.com
Wed Mar 7 09:27:05 UTC 2012

07.03.2012 10:09, Simon Waldman kirjoitti:
> Anyway - specific cards aside, is a 430GT about the minimum for
> handling everything that Myth might throw at it? I've never had nVidia
> (always used ATI cards), so I don't know their range at all.

Even old GT220 should handle everything in HD resolutions.

IMO, GT 430 is clearly best choise currently as it is fastest "small" 
low-power card. GT520 is about 50% slower because it has only 64bit 
memory interface and 48 cuda cores etc. And GTS 450 seems to be in 
completely different class as it is fast, big and power hungry.

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