[mythtv-users] Issues with 0.25

Michael Watson michael at thewatsonfamily.id.au
Tue Mar 6 23:18:56 UTC 2012

On 6/03/2012 5:18 AM, Bill Meek wrote:
> On 02/27/2012 04:04 PM, Michael Watson wrote:
>> On 28/02/2012 7:41 AM, Bill Meek wrote:
>>> On 02/27/2012 09:30 AM, Michael Watson wrote:
>>> ...
>>> I /think/ this is a upstart issue.
>>> 1. Would you be willing to try this again without --noupnp and
>>>        replacing the IFACE!=lo in /etc/init/mythtv-backend.conf with
>>>        IFACE=eth0 ?
>> After upgrading to   2:0.25.0~master.20120227.1af1aec-0ubuntu0mythbuntu1
>> last night (early this morning), the backend starts without the --noupnp
>> option
>> But I have made both the change anyway.   Will see how it goes.
>>> 2. Also try (and this is *not* a solution, just a test) putting
>>>        a sleep 5 before mythbackend in your .conf file.
> Michael;
> Short answer, I suggest restoring both of these to their 'stock'
> values, that is, remove the sleep 5 from /etc/init/mythtv-backend.conf
> and restore the IFACE!=lo test condition. If you haven't already.
> Longer version. I have 24 test results and in all cases, IPv4 addresses
> are available prior to the backend starting. This is true for both
> cold starts and restarts.
> IPv6 addresses, however, aren't guaranteed to be available for up to
> 2.25 seconds (I retry 250ms after a failure.) So IPv6 users need the
> delay. This is only true on cold starts, and the localhost address
> (::1) is always available. This is on my test backend. On my real backend,
> even IPv6 addresses are always available.
> One cold start's tests results: http://pastebin.com/JxCTMtKQ (some of
> the addresses are fake, real ones were used in the tests.)
Reverted to original settings, and all is well.

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