[mythtv-users] LiveTV Stutters - Recordings are Perfect

John Morris jmorris at beau.org
Wed Jun 13 16:42:20 UTC 2012

On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 00:50 +1000, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:

> It's a bug in 0.25, it tries by default to play way too close to the "live"
> part. Pause your playback for a few seconds, or rewing by 10s , and all
> those issues will be gone.

Can it really be that easy?  I know it is killing the WAF for me, the
audio glitches bother be more than her but when the frontend hangs I get
a call at work.  I ssh in, kill mythfrontend and she grumbles about
'this crap is getting old'.  Btw, C-A-Backspace don't break it loose
when it hangs, she could manage that one, only a kill from the network
gets it back without a reboot that would hose recordings.  I'll see if I
can get her to try the pause/unpause trick when she is going to leave it
on a channel.

I have only the Prime and no cable box so pretty much all TV has to come
through Myth.  She idles it on a news channel during much of the day
while working around the house so it has been hanging at least once a
week in the month or so I have been using the Prime.

Now that I think back it does make some sense.  It has only hung on me
once but I am more active even on live tv, entering the guide, flipping
channels, rewinding to catch something I wasn't paying enough attention
to, etc.  So it probably doesn't spend much time at the very head of the
buffer when I'm using it while she punches a channel in and leaves it
alone for hours at a time.

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