[mythtv-users] CBS will warn 'Mentalist' and 'Good Wife' fans about football overruns in the fall

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Tue Jul 31 01:17:26 UTC 2012

>>> I wonder if we could use the SMS to automate adjusting the Sunday
>>> schedule in real time.
>> SMS?  How about plain old e-mail?  Why do I have to have a mobile phone
>> to get such a notification?
>> Or CBS could stop wanting their cake and eating it too and just use a
>> throw-away program like everyone else does.
>> When will all of this relentless greed stop?
>> b.
>+100000 to that...EVERY other station schedules a throw away after the
>game to prevent this.  For whatever reason, CBS refuses to take 60
>minutes out of that 7:00 spot.  That's the only real fix for
>this...the old "stop being a bunch of assholes" approach...

Ummm, I tend to be of the mind that 60 Minutes *IS* a throw away show....

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