[mythtv-users] BBC Olympic Feed Channel Number system - Mainly for UK subscribers

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Jul 29 13:13:17 UTC 2012

Chris Lewis wrote:

>Thaks for that.  I was asking more generally in terms of your 
>channel numbering strategy for a combined DVB-T and DVB-s(2) system 
>in the UK.
>Basically I'm looking to improve WAF by not showing multiple copies 
>of the BBC channels in the mythweb listing (we use our android 
>tablet to setup most recordings).
>Also I'd prefer not to show all the encrypted channels etc.
>And where there is overlap between freeview and satellite channels 
>the guide data is sometimes subtly different causing dupicate 
>recordings from the two sources.

I don't have satellite (yet), but there are a few scripts on the Wiki 
for setting channel names/numbers. The idea is that instead of 
manually editing channels, you spend the time creating/maintaining a 
script that does it for you. Then you can rescan as often as you 
like, and run the script to reset the channel names/numbers.
Obviously you still need to maintain the script - 
adding/modifying/deleting bits as channels come and go.

I use the Radio Times guide data for TV, I assume that the majority 
of channels carry the same programs on terrestrial and satellite, so 
just setting them to the same number of and callsign should mean you 
only see one in the listings, but programs can record off 
either.Obviously, if the programmes are different, then you can't 
combine channels from different sources.

The script at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_editing_script 
started life as one I wrote, there are links on that page to others. 
I just got fed up of re-editing channels every other day, or so it 
seemed when we were acting as guinea pigs - we're on WInter Hill 
which was the first main transmitter to change to digital, so there 
are frequent changes while "people" were working out how it was going 
to end up.

Simon Hobson

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