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> I like many people on the list who have either Freesat Satellite or
> Combination Freesat and Freeview setups manage my channels quite
> aggressively by removing ones that are never watched like selling
> channels, quiz channels, adult channels etc.... and replace the
> default Channel Numbering system with our own so it makes more sense.
> As I have a combination Freesat and Freeview setup I decided to put my
> Olympic Channels into a block starting at 351 for the SD ones and 381
> for the HD ones, that way it's easy enough to know that BBC Olympic
> Feed 11 is on channel 361 and 391 for HD.
> As the EIT information is properly populated it means I can use
> mythweb for checking the listings without and problems.
> I have attached my channel list from mythconverg.channel based upon my
> chanid numbers, your chanid numbers may be different so check them
> first.
> If you are not sure what to do with this file let me know.
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> Hi

Thaks for that.  I was asking more generally in terms of your channel
numbering strategy for a combined DVB-T and DVB-s(2) system in the UK.

Basically I'm looking to improve WAF by not showing multiple copies of the
BBC channels in the mythweb listing (we use our android tablet to setup
most recordings).

Also I'd prefer not to show all the encrypted channels etc.

And where there is overlap between freeview and satellite channels the
guide data is sometimes subtly different causing dupicate recordings from
the two sources.

For me this i sthe last annoying thing i cant get sorted without huge
manual work sorting out the satellite channels after a scan.  But, as I'm
sure you are aware the channnels tend to move about a bit on 28.2E and
therefore a rescan is required from time to time.

Any advice greatly received!

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