[mythtv-users] CableCard Chain.

Chuck Peters cp at ccil.org
Wed Jul 25 00:37:28 UTC 2012

http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Silicondust_HDHomeRun_Prime says "Full support
of CableCARD requires that every device and software in the recording chain
be certified as enforcing the copy protection mandated by the software. For
insurmountable technical reasons, MythTV cannot comply with this. Because
of this, the HDHomeRun Prime will only allow MythTV access to those shows
that are not copy protected."  So we are treated like pirates who need to
be chained by DRM...

Tivo was, and probably still is, running Linux, so why is it technically
insurmountable for MythTV to get certified by CableLabs?

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