[mythtv-users] tmdb.py pulls Least Favourite Fan Art from themoviedb.org

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Sat Jul 21 11:52:19 UTC 2012

     I have one other thought. For any particular Movie only one fanart 
image is stored (e.g. 0123456.jpg ). If you change the fanart for a 
specific movie the fanart the file name stays the same. On top of that 
you may be seeing the old image from the theme cache which of course 
still has the same file name but a cached image of the old fanart jpg.

I have seen some confusion were old images are displayed which were due 
to the theme cache and not the grabbers or what is filed in say the 
'fanart' storage group. Sorry but I do not remember how to identify and 
remove a single image from the theme cache having never done so myself. 
You can change themes but that can slow response down until the theme 
cache rebuilds over time. If the theme cache is actually the issue, 
changing themes seems a bit drastic just to update a few updated fanart 

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