[mythtv-users] tmdb.py pulls Least Favourite Fan Art from themoviedb.org

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Fri Jul 20 20:36:38 UTC 2012

On 21/07/12 06:17, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 7/20/2012 16:01, Kingsley Turner wrote:
>> So now I reset the meta-data on the front end, and I find the image in
>> the FanArt directory - which for some reason is 49529_fanart.jpg - I
>> would have expected it to be 401729 ... *shrug* ... but this matches the
>> ID code in the mythTV front end.  I delete it.
> Why would it be using a secondary index off IMDb, rather than TMDb's own 
> internal reference numbers?  If you look immediately above in that first 
> query you made...
> > /usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb.py -M "John Carter"
> ...
>     <inetref>49529</inetref>
>     <imdb>0401729</imdb>
> ... 
I guess I just figured MythTV used IMDB number as a key.
Since in the olden days we used to grab meta-data from imdb.


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