[mythtv-users] MythWelcome missing start frontend button

gacmb5 gacmb5 gacmb5 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 19:18:04 UTC 2012


My MythWelcome (0.25 from Mythbuntu 12.04) is missing the "Start
Frontend" button. It is showing the text, and if I press the OK button
on the remote, the frontend is started but there is no visual button
anymore (like my previous Mythtv 0.22 did). Because it takes one or
tho seconds to actually see the frontend starting, you'll end up
pressing the remote control again, and again because it looks like
mythtv missed the IR signal.

Is there a way to get this button (of some other visual feedback) back?

Another MythWelcome question: I have 4 tuners. The status is displayed
one after another. I don't want to wait 60! seconds to see the status
of all tuners. Is it possible to configure MythWelcome to display the
status of ALL the tuners on the page, without looping through them one
at the time (there is plenty of room on the screen). Or is this

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