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Following up on my previous reporting, for completeness and posterity's

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 4:41 PM, lists.md301 <lists.md301 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a fanless GT430 myself (the above email and the capabilities helped
> make my decision), and for the most part used Advanced 2x with no problems
> (gentoo 0.24.1, nvidia-drivers-275.09.07, Samsung LCD-LED 55")...except:
> this has been my first baseball season with this configuration, and I've
> been noticing weird motion artifact during the pitcher's wind-up and the
> batters swing.  I'm unsure if it's deinterlacing, or something else.
> (Never noticed any issues during football or hockey seasons.)  Nothing
> obvious shows up in the verbose playback frontend logging.  Just today I've
> upgraded to a more recent nvidia 295.49 driver, which I have yet to test
> (view playback).  For what it's worth, I've also had audio sync issues with
> certain DVD rips with the Advanced 2x (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight),
> which were not present if I switched to Temporal 2x.  I'll see tonight if
> the newer driver makes any difference.

I've been tweaking/struggling with this for about a month, but finally
resolved everything over the weekend:

(1)  My upgrade to 295.49 did improve audio sync on ripped DVD's played
back with Advanced 2x deinterlacing, as well as a few odd picture anomolies
I've realized in hindsight (hockey puck motion weirdness).  Audio sync is
still not absolutely perfect, but much better, that introducing an audio
sync delay isn't usually necessary (or the perceived delay offset doesn't
vary much, which is what I observed previously).
(2)  The motion artifacts I observed previously were strictly a TV issue
(Samsung UN55D6050 LED-LEC).  Took me a while to nail this down--last week
I finally hooked up my HDMI splitter, running the bigscreen and a 20" Acer
monitor (also capable of 1920x1080-60) and ran test observations of
problematic video simultaneously: baseball pitcher winding up, batter
taking practice swings.  (I should also add the HDMI signal is first
passing through my Pioneer amp, which switches all my video sources, and is
connected to the Samsung on the HDMI/DVI input, but that input is not
configured for PC mode.)  *** The artifacts were only on the Samsung.***
This tracked what I had previously observed on my Atom/ION2 systems
connected to smaller screens.  So for the past week I fiddled with the
Samsung's picture modes.  Choosing game mode solved it, but that seemed
like too big a hammer.  Finally, I've found that setting "Auto Motion Plus"
(judder and blur reduction) to "Clear" eliminated the artifacts.  "Clear"
is a distinct setting from "Off", and I don't know at what levels it puts
judder/blur controls.  This net effect is similar to the global "game
mode", but without the loss/lock-out of other picture control functions.
(Another FYI, xorg is set up to choose the exact EIA modes for judder-free
playback, 59.94, 29.97, 24 fps etc, and the frontend playback is configured
to switch display modes using xrandr--per the wiki.)

Bottom line is, for my particular setup, I do not have any noticeable (to
me) video artifacts from my Zotac fanless GT430 video card as had earlier
feared.  As always, YMMV.
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