[mythtv-users] UK Sky satellite box control

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Fri Jul 13 10:24:58 UTC 2012

   What are people using to control Sky satellite boxes in the UK nowadays?

   I currently have an old (pre-Sky+) box with a 2004 RedEye serial 
controller (prior the to the revision that can control Sky+ boxes). 
However, I'm building up a replacement backend now and of course you don't 
get serial ports by default on modern mobos.

   So, I can get a USB-serial converter and hope it works under Linux (I'm 
aiming for Scientific Linux 6), or (ideally) get a modern USB jobby that 
would be able to cope with Sky+HD boxes should I ever upgrade.

   Any recommendations (either for USB IR blasters or safe USB-serial widgets)?

   I did come across RedRat, but that seems a little overkill for my 
purposes (I'd probably still be able/want to use a Hauppauge IR input).

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