[mythtv-users] big or small issue with pop-up start recording and keep watching LiveTV?

mikkel at broerne.dk mikkel at broerne.dk
Fri Jul 13 10:07:15 UTC 2012



I have been holding off upgrading my system (0.24+fix with
dedicated BE and 4xFE), because of the issue with "Start recording and
keep watching LiveTV" pop-up because it does not record it permanently.
Rather it only records it as LiveTV. 

There is a ticket on the issue
#10726 but severity is only set to medium. 

I do have the pop-up occur
on a weekly basis in our setup but should I still wait for this to be
fixed or is LiveTV much more stable in 0.25+fix than 0.24+fix? 

for any and all input. 


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