[mythtv-users] Window MCE button mapping (or GF is going to kill me)

Joey Morris rjmorris at nc.rr.com
Tue Jul 10 12:02:48 UTC 2012

Aaron Rich <aaron.rich at gmail.com> wrote on Mon, Jul 09, 2012 at 03:39:21PM -0600:
> The biggest issues are:
> 1) Being able to page the guide. Right now, we have to up/down arrow
> through all the channels instead of being able to quickly page to the
> general channel area.

Are you using the CH +/- buttons to page? Does paging work elsewhere,
such as in the list of recordings?

> 2) Enter the channel number in the guide screen and have guide go to
> it. When typing in the numbers, "crazy" (her words) things start
> happening.

That works for me, mostly. On my system, 1 is mapped to DAYRIGHT (page
the program guide forward one day), and 7 is mapped to DAYLEFT. If the
channel number includes 1 or 7, then I could see the resulting
behavior being described as crazy. On 0.24, you can remove these
mappings in the TV Frontend section of the Edit Keys screen.

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