[mythtv-users] Window MCE button mapping (or GF is going to kill me)

Aaron Rich aaron.rich at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 21:39:21 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help save my life.

I recently switched my system from window mce to mythtv (.25).
Everything is working great except my girlfriend is wanting to kill me
since the remote buttons don't work the same.

I have tried a lot of different mappings that I have found online but
non of them seem to work correctly (if at all). I'm hoping someone has
a mapping set-up that I could borrow. My (and my mythtv box's) life
depend on it at this point.

The biggest issues are:
1) Being able to page the guide. Right now, we have to up/down arrow
through all the channels instead of being able to quickly page to the
general channel area.
2) Enter the channel number in the guide screen and have guide go to
it. When typing in the numbers, "crazy" (her words) things start

I'm using a mce receiver and a harmony 890 remote (programmed as mce
remote). Mythtv is a 11.10 mythubuntu with .25 mythtv on it. I will be
upgrading to 12.04 soon if that makes a difference (want to convince
her the upgrade will fix the issue). If there is anything else neeeded
that will help, please let me know.

Anyone who might ave suggestions for fixing these issues, or a
keymapping set-up that makes the mythtv frontend act like a mce box,
would be a life saver.

Help me mythtv users, you're my only hope =).



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