[mythtv-users] Switched from Debian Stable to Ununtu Server (12.04). Best approach for mythtv backend?

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 23:23:35 UTC 2012


On Wednesday, 4 July 2012, Alan Chandler wrote:

> It also implies that the control centre is already installed - but I
> presume that is because I am using the server edition and it assumes you
> have the desktop.  I installed the control centre via aptitude, and it
> pulled in loads and loads of additional junk with it.  However when I try
> and use it, all the icons are missing and I get an error when it tries to
> do anything which requires admin permissions. I think it might have been
> trying to add something to my sources.list file.
This has been my experience with it too on my system...
And this on my two primary system. One being an upgrade of a new 11.10
mythbuntu DVD installation, the other an upgrade of a 10.04 install.

In both cases, the mythbuntu control centre doesn't show any icons but two.
And any features requiring root access will not work. It does ask for my
password but it will always fail after.

So I start mythbuntu-control-center from the command line with sudo.

Having said that, you don't really need to use it and can do most of it

I'm actually being more and more annoyed with Ubuntu upgrades, it really
feels like they don't care about upgrading systems and the upgrade path is
in my opinion always poorly tested..
Like I just upgraded my mac mini from 11.10 to 12.04

My wireless adapter network interface was called wlan0, and all the Ubuntu
documentation in regards to setting wireless talks about using wlan0. Upon
the upgrade, it became eth0; and of course none of my static config got
updated: so no more network for you.it also has the nasty habit of redoing
my whole lirc configuration, simply overriding my ~/.lirc folder with new
It took me close to a full day to get lirc properly working on that
machine, why would it thinks it knows better and simply erase what was
there before?? It did so on all my Ubuntu machines.

Sorry for the rant, I upgraded another box yesterday, and once again the
upgrade made my box unusable for a while while I sorted out all the things
it broke. Suspend got broken in the process; haven't figured that one out
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