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> You're being one-dimensional

I don't think I am.

> My

> project wasn't meant to be a TV,

Ahhh.  So don't call it a TV then.  Canonical are calling their project

"Ubuntu TV".  To me, at least, that means it's a TV.

> it was a media hub for the kitchen.

A "media hub" != "TV", IMHO.

> Get

> home, tap a couple things, play media.

But surely you don't do that (I mean walk up and touch the screen) on

the 50" _TV_ you have mounted on the wall above your fireplace, right?

I mean given that my point was entirely about the usability of a touch

interface on a TV.

bYou had responded to my comment that I was glad to see touchscreen support, because of my previous experience with an HTPC build I had done. So, that was the context of my reply. 

I don't think there are many touchscreen 50" HDTVs out there, so I hadn't even considered that scenario. That being said, I would love for my 60" TV to be touchscreen - I tend to have stuff running in the background no matter what I'm doing and it's a PITA to get home, sit on the couch, cycle through what I want, launch it, then get back up again. How awesome would it be to just walk by my TV, tap it a couple times, and have everything playing?

But, back to the context of my previous comment - I was happy for the touchscreen capability being there, not for my primary tv, but for my satellite viewers. I would love for the smaller HTPC boxes I have around the house (kitchen, garage, basement, office) to be fire-and-forget style, where I can just tap and go, as opposed to the immersion of the living room TV.

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>> That being said, I would love for my 60" TV to be touchscreen

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. Touchscreens need a layer of not-quite-visually-invisible sensor over the screen which degreades the picture quality greatly. As also does all the greasy fingermarks that we as humans can't help but leave on touchscreens.

As for the look of UbuntuTV... I think it looks horrible. I have over 1000 movies, I cant imagine working with a mediacenter that wastes so much screenspace on whitespace and redundant prettyness that it can only display 6 titles at a time.

Ubuntu seem to have entirely lost the plot with GUI design. I've switched from Ubuntu to Mint just to get away from the unity insanity. 
You know Ubntu have gone way too far when they clearly prioritise their idea of "visually pleasing" even over usability. they're basically ignoring the whole purpose and use of a GUI.


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