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Neil Cooper neilcoo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 23 23:19:01 UTC 2012

--- On Sun, 2/19/12, Paul Harrison <mythtv at sky.com> wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] 0.25 Music
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> Date: Sunday, February 19, 2012, 4:40 AM
> On 19/02/12 02:38, Scott & Nicole
> Harris wrote:
> >> OK, I think I can confirm that the issue seems to
> be that none of the menu 
> >> options in the Listen to Music screen are actually
> doing anything when 
> >> selected.  The menu disappears, but whatever
> you selected >does not seem to 
> >> get applied.  Highlighting and selecting a
> track plays it, but that’s about 
> >> it.  In fact, I even had to change the exit
> option to “Stop Playing”, 
> >> because when set to “Prompt”, when I tried to
> >select “Stop playing and 
> >> exit” or “Continue playing and exit”, nothing
> happened....the only way I 
> >> could get out of music was to hit my Home button
> > Well, it appears to be an issue with Mythbuntu / Ubuntu
> 10.04, which all my 
> > systems are (and all four of them are exhibiting the
> same issue).  I did 
> > some testing on my laptop test partition, which has
> 11.10 on it, and 
> > everything works fine.  Think I’ll just roll
> back to 0.24 and wait until the 
> > release of Mythbuntu 12.04 (I try to stay with LTS) and
> and since 0.25 
> > should be official close to that time, I’ll upgrade
> to it then as well.  I 
> > decided to try this today because I don’t have
> anything recording until 
> > tomorrow, so worst case scenario, I have some orphaned
> stuff to clean up. 
> >
> Well it's good to know that it's not MythMusic that is
> broken :) You
> might just have a bad build which will clear itself up if
> you update
> again I believe the library version change or something like
> that was
> causing a few problems.
> > I think I would still prefer an option to have the tree
> (whenever I
> can actually get it to work) simply display my folder
> hierarchy, though.
> Well that currently isn't possible. While it would be
> relatively easy to
> add another node to the tree that allowed that I think the
> consensus of
> opinion was to encourage everyone to add sane metadata to
> there tracks
> rather than rely on the tracks filename.
> Paul H.      
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I'm very much with Scott on this one. Computers have hierarchichal filesystems for a reason. its also the standard way of accessing anything on a computer. Why should music files be different?

I have all my music files arranged in folders and subfolders exactly how I want it. Why cant Mythmusic just display my files as I already arranged them?

Software that forces someone else's idea of a "better way of doing things" on all users then removes any support for the time-tested conventional method always sucks.

I expect the "dumb everything down until it is no longer useable" mentality from Microsoft or Apple (its already why I use Linux and wont have anything running Windows or Apple at home). Please lets keep the "I know your needs better than you" mindset out of the Linux/opensource development world please. Look how Unity divided Ubuntu users.

The problem with relying only on metadata is
1) Its a pain in the ass to edit metadata.
2) Assuming you list music by artist, album then track, which is generally the most logical form for most people, using metadata only can't even slightly cope with the odd compilation album sensibly.

Neil Cooper.

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