[mythtv-users] Rebooting master results in slave not connected

Andy Sheen sheen.andy at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 11 11:11:59 UTC 2012

Michael Watson wrote on Sat 11 Feb at 4:44 UK time
> On 11/02/2012 12:46 PM, Andy Sheen wrote:
>> Michael Watson wrote on Sat 11 Feb at 1:21 UK time
>>> The wake command is executed each time the MBE process is started (or
>>> restarted), in which case the MBE knows that the slave is thus not
>>> connected, and attempts to restart the SBE process, if both machines are
>>> 24x7 then you dont need to bother checking if the slave is on, and just
>>> attempt to restart slave backend process, but I would still atempt to
>>> check if its actually on first.
>> But that doesn't account for the time when the SBE is taken offline
>> after the MBE has been started. It will have checked when it was
>> restarted, but won't check before it records...
> Why would it be taken off line after the MBE has started??  (Or do you 
> mean "asleep".  When the SBE is controlled by the MBE, the MBE will put 

This is the crux of the problem... The SBE isn't *controlled* by the MBE
at all in my system. It is a completely independent computer which is
normally up 24/7. The only reason it is a slave is because I want the
MBE to control the distribution of recordings onto available tuners (as
there are more satellite feeds where the SBE lives).

> the SBE to sleep when it is not required (shutdown, marked as asleep, 
> not disconnected).   The scheduler will continue to use the SBE tuners, 
> and power up the SBE using WOL, if configured correctly.

I don't want the slave to be powered off. Its main use is as a media
centre powered by xbmc.

> If the SBE is rebooted after the MBE, the slave will connect 
> automatically on startup.
> If the SBE is marked as Offline (rather than asleep), the scheduler will 
> ignore it, and schedule recordings without the SBE's tuners.

Exactly. This is the problem I am trying to solve. For example, the MBE
was offline for a good part of a day as I moved it between cases and
moved things around here. When I switched it back on, the SBE appeared
offline. If I hadn't manually restarted the backend on the slave, it
would have stayed permanently offline and would have missed recordings
until I noticed this fact. Yes, I know I don't move things around that
often, but I want to avoid having to check the SBE status after a power
outage, or a reboot or whatever. I want it to automatically recover.

> Have you looked at the WOL settings in mysql.txt.  I have often (well 
> not that often) rebooted my MBE, and my Slave backend, if its on, will 
> generally reconnect automatically, (if its off, the MBE will wake it up, 
> and then shut it down if its not required).  Rarely do I have to 
> manually restart the SBE service, but I have WOL settings my the 
> mysql.txt on the SBE to wakeup the MBE if it cant connect.  Maybe this 
> is all that you require......

No, because the SBE is not used with WOL. I have a system where two back
ends collaborate rather than a single master and subordinate slave.

I think the best way of doing this would be with another table in the
database which gets written to when the MBE boots and the SBE can read.
It's the equivalent of the shared file, though neater in that it uses
the shared database.


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