[mythtv-users] Rebooting master results in slave not connected

Michael Watson michael at thewatsonfamily.id.au
Sat Feb 11 04:44:47 UTC 2012

On 11/02/2012 12:46 PM, Andy Sheen wrote:
> Michael Watson wrote on Sat 11 Feb at 1:21 UK time
>> The wake command is executed each time the MBE process is started (or
>> restarted), in which case the MBE knows that the slave is thus not
>> connected, and attempts to restart the SBE process, if both machines are
>> 24x7 then you dont need to bother checking if the slave is on, and just
>> attempt to restart slave backend process, but I would still atempt to
>> check if its actually on first.
> But that doesn't account for the time when the SBE is taken offline
> after the MBE has been started. It will have checked when it was
> restarted, but won't check before it records...
Why would it be taken off line after the MBE has started??  (Or do you 
mean "asleep".  When the SBE is controlled by the MBE, the MBE will put 
the SBE to sleep when it is not required (shutdown, marked as asleep, 
not disconnected).   The scheduler will continue to use the SBE tuners, 
and power up the SBE using WOL, if configured correctly.
If the SBE is rebooted after the MBE, the slave will connect 
automatically on startup.
If the SBE is marked as Offline (rather than asleep), the scheduler will 
ignore it, and schedule recordings without the SBE's tuners.

>>       A cron job polling a file share, in my opinion is a bit ugly.
> They're all ugly. MythTV should be able to cope with a reboot in the
> system without having to restart processes. The ability to ask the slave
> "are you alive" or the ability to send the "I'm alive" message
> periodically would solve everything...
> TBH, with the amount of work that's gone into MythTV and the exceedingly
> complex ways you can set it up, I'm really surprised this has been left
> to the user.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Michael
> Andy
Have you looked at the WOL settings in mysql.txt.  I have often (well 
not that often) rebooted my MBE, and my Slave backend, if its on, will 
generally reconnect automatically, (if its off, the MBE will wake it up, 
and then shut it down if its not required).  Rarely do I have to 
manually restart the SBE service, but I have WOL settings my the 
mysql.txt on the SBE to wakeup the MBE if it cant connect.  Maybe this 
is all that you require......

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