[mythtv-users] dtv_multiplex.transmission_mode data type with BBC QAM-256 DVB-T2 streams

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 14:12:40 UTC 2012

> Per info on the OFCOM web site, BBC dvb-t2 transmissions are in 32k
> mode, which clearly isn't going to fit in the table. I've therefore set
> the field to be "a", but this seems to add additional instability to an
> already fairly wobbly setup.
> What have others done with this field..?

I've been recording dvb-t2 (using a pctv nanostick) for many months
and have had no problems in the area.

Judging by the warnings given on this list against modifying values in
the database I'd have thought that changing the database schema would
be a very bad idea.

I can look in my database to see what values are being stored for me.
Which table is that field in?

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