[mythtv-users] HD-PVR causing OTA tuners not to tune. Was: My HDHomerun stopped working with MythTV, but ok in Windows

Kane Tse kane.tse at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 17:05:53 UTC 2012

> After an evening of watching, seems like the signal in MythTV is still
> blocky (every 3-5 seconds), but at least it is watchable.  I noticed a
> significant degradation in the HDHomreun recording when I think the
> HD-PVR started a recording different show halfway... however, will
> need to perform more testing to confirm.
> This is so odd because my setup has been smooth for many months now.

So a bit of follow-up and a subject-title change.  After careful
examination, it seems like the tuning issues occur once the HD-PVR
starts recording.

1) 5:30 AM, HVR-850 (OTA/ATSC) starts recording
2) 6:00 AM, HD-PVR starts recording
3) 7:05 AM, HD-PVR stops recording
4) 9:00 AM, HVR-850 stops recording.

When I review the HVR-850 recording, the show starts off perfectly,
but then at the 30 minute mark (~6:00AM), the recording becomes
totally garbled and unwatchable.  Fast forward 53 minutes to the
1h23min mark (~6:53AM), and the recording is viewable again.  (Not
sure why the garbling ends 53 minutes in, even though the HD-PVR stops
recording 1h05min.)

I noticed a similar phenomena with an HDHomerun recording made last
night as well; the garbling seems to correlate with when the HD-PVR
started recording.

Any possible explanations?  And just to recap, my
HD-PVR/HDHomerun/HVR-850 have been running smoothly in simultaneous
recording mode since at December 2011 until the last week or two ago.


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