[mythtv-users] Disk Space Way Wrong

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Sat Apr 21 17:13:19 UTC 2012

This thread makes me so sad. The way Mark has been responded to in
this thread is just uncalled for. He was nothing but respectful in
this thread, helped identify a problem, and even provided code to deal
with it. The only thing he said that was perhaps questionable was
"Symlinks are an incredibly useful feature, you should discover them
someday." That last part of that could certain be better worded, but I
took it as more tounge-in-cheek than insulting.

Meanwhile, he has been responded to by sarcastically comparing him to
Jesus, mocking for his attempts to contribute in the way he chooses,
told that he thinks he's better than everyone else, and told he
doesn't know what he's doing in organizing a file system. I understand
that some posters get pretty nasty around here in their bitching about
what a poor job they think the devs do, and it make some people around
here sensitive to comments. But what Mark posted was nothing like
that, and he did not deserve the response he got.

The comment about "hundred or so workarounds already in my local tree"
was not something I took as an attack on myth. I too have a bunch of
patches (though not 100). Some I submit. Other I attempt to discuss
for possible inclusion and don't get a positive response. Others I
just dont bother with because, frankly, you sort of get a feel for
what sorts of things the devs aren't interested in and don't want to
waste time debating the merits of something you think will go nowhere
(admittedly, I've been wrong in that assumption once). Other patches I
feel are for something very particular to what I want, or at the very
least would need to be configurable for other users taste and I just
don't feel like taking the time to add the config options to the setup
screens. Others patches are quite hacky and work for me, but they
aren't very clean and I'd be embarrassed to submit them. In short,
there are a lot of reason one would just hack together patches for
themselves and not submit it. But that's not some insult to the devs
to say that you do.

Ron Frazier

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