[mythtv-users] 0.25 Music & Videos Questions

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Fri Apr 13 22:58:00 UTC 2012

>> I'd have to say that's a "double" bug, then.  Shutting Myth and rebooting 
>> your system from the mechanism that Myth itself provides, should work as 
>> a "clean" exit.  Remember, once again, most of us only have remotes to 
>> interact with Myth with, so how would one propose restarting or shutting 
>> down (which I do every night, it runs off an SSD and the cold boot up 
>> time is negliable and sleep does not play well with it) the frontend 
>> otherwise?  The second side of this is the fact (as stated in the ticket) 
>> that MythMusic is saving playlists on frontend exit instead of on change, 
>> which seems rather backwards.

> From my standpoint, the mere ability for an unprivileged user to shut down 
> the system is a bug (or, more properly, bad design).  So, since I don't 
> allow MythTV user to shut down my systems, I'll leave it to others who do 
> to fix any issues in the 
> shutdown-through-ripping-the-rug-out-from-under-MythTV process.  :)

This is a standalone frontend, which I (and more importantly the wife) views 
as nothing more than an appliance.  You turn appliances off when you're not 
using them, preferably with the remote that came with it...no different than 
a TV.  You don't need to be "special" to turn the TV off, you simply press 
the power button.  I'd think most people would expect to be able to "press 
the power button" (exit and reboot) from the appliance's on screen menu and 
have it do what ever it is it's supposed to do, properly.

Do you know what happens when one selects "Yes, Exit" from the MythTV menu? 
That seems to work properly, so why can't it be done prior to the reboot in 
the "Exit and Reboot" option...even if it has to be done via a script that 
gets called from this menu option?

Bear in mind, I am not using the Menu from a static screen i.e. the main 
menu which brings up a list of options "Enter Standby Mode", "Shut Down", 
Reboot", "About" (because these menu options don't and never have worked for 
me...most likely due to the fact that my current user doesn't have proper 
permissions to do this).  I am pressing "Esc" from the main menu, which 
brings up a different menu and the option specifically says "*Exit* and 

>That said, the playlist stuff will be handled better, eventually.  I'm sure 
>Paul's plan was to do similar to 
>http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/commits/509025#509025 , 

Fair enough, and appreciated.

>The following is not directed to your--or anyone else, specifically--but is 
>just a reminder:

>Please remember that it's a) brand new code that was "mostly" finished 
>enough to include and b) F/LOSS.  So, you can either wait for someone else 
>to decide it's worth volunteering their time to fix it or write a patch to 
>fix it yourself.  Complaining on the list won't get it fixed--even if it 
>does make you feel better after venting.  So, let's try to keep the 
>thread(s) to useful information that provides help for using the new 
>interface and information about workarounds for issues that may exist (such 
>as "Exit mythfrontend through the main menu, then let your scripts restart 
>mythfrontend, then you can do the 'Exit and reboot' if you need to 


Also fair enough. 

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