[mythtv-users] Remote frontend connection problem on 0.25

Martin Moores moores.martin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 11:03:49 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am having a few problems with getting remote frontends connected to my
backend after upgrading to 0.25 (latest version from mythbuntu repo as of

I first upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04, as 0.25 was not in the
mythbuntu repositories for 10.10.

That all went fine, turned Unity off and everything worked well as before.

I upgraded my remote frontend, also via mythbuntu repositories.  That
seemed to go OK, but then the frontend would crash over and over, which at
the time I didn't link to the backend upgrade, but it could have been

To save any messing, I just re-installed the frontend from latest
mythbuntu.  It has a stage to test the connection to the backend, but this
gives an error of "Could not find database login credentials".

I am going to try installing Ubuntu on this and then mythtv on top, but I
imagine I might get a similar error, if the backend cannot be found.  I
have checked the release notes for 0.25, nut can't see anything that I
might need to change, or that could have changed to cause this issue.  All
IP addresses etc in the backend setup are as previous.

Another oddity is when entering mythbackend setup, I am asked if it is OK
to shutdown the backend, which is usual, clicking past this takes me into
the setup, but then a warning popup appears saying the backend is not
shutdown, be careful what you change, which I have never seen before.
Checking the logs, the backend does shutdown correctly after the first time
of asking.

Any tips appreciated

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